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Studio 71 - Because Men And Women Are Different… And Should Be Treated As Such…

Being a man, you don’t want to leave from your hair cut “smelling like a rose,” you want to leave smelling like a man. And being a woman, you don’t want step through the door and feel like your walking into a barbershop. Well, that’s where Studio 71 comes in; we have the knowledge and experience to provide both men and women with the products and services they look for most in a salon.

We carry a full line of products specifically made for men, from shampoo to styling gels, even a men’s coloring line. For women, we go the extra mile, always staying up-to-date on the latest trends and cutting/styling techniques (razorcuts). Our courteous staff can give you the cut you want, or when you’re unsure, suggest looks/styles that will flatter your features.

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Hair Cuts

Long Hair Spiral  
Perfection Smoothing System
Straightener Relaxer  

*Perms can be customized to your likings – regular wrap, specialty spirals, unique dimensions and curl patterns, etc.

*We specialize in chemical relaxers and straightening – providing you with silky, smooth, natural-looking straight hair with virtually no damage. Our techniques produce better results then the traditional chemicals and will last until your hair grows out.

All Over Color  
Highlight Cap  
Men’s Color / Highlight  

**Our color treatments are Semi-Perm to Permanent and are virtually damage-free to your hair.

**When coloring we layer the colors to provide a more natural look rather than bold streaks of colored hair.

*We can perform corrective coloring to any hair that has been colored incorrectly.


Other Hair Services

Sexy Hair

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